Prof. Chris Maina Peter
    School of Law, University of Dar es salaam

    The core objectives of the Zanzibar Legal Services Centre as well as its vision and mission summarize the organisation’s mandate and scope of its work. The objectives for which the organization was established are as follows: (a). To render legal aid, legal assistance and other legal services to the public, especially to the vulnerable and disadvantaged section of the community; (b). To promote and advocate for the respect and observance of human rights, rule of law, democratic principles and the culture of peace and tolerance; (c).To provide legal and human rights education to the public in order to raise people’s awareness of their basic rights and responsibilities;

(d). To conduct, coordinate or commission research on legal issues, and carry out consultancies within the relevant to the mandate of the Centre; (e). To organize educational and scientific programmes for the purpose of training individuals and groups which are identified as being most likely to benefit from a focused and intensive communication of research result; and (f). To assist other institution and individuals whose objectives are charitable in nature within the meaning of “charity” as ascribed to it in the laws of Zanzibar. ZLSC is guided by its vision and mission as indicated below:
Rights and Access to Justice for all.
Zanzibar Legal Services Centre is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to raising people’s awareness, promoting human rights and good governance. More